Naming Your Company and Logo Go Hand in Hand

Once you have your business idea and you have the type of company you want to build, the very first thing you need to think about is your company name and your company logo. The name of your company will stay with you for the life of the company. But the logo can grow and become different as your company grows.

The name restricts growth. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing quickly grew beyond selling sandpaper and wisely changed its moniker to 3M, a name that fits just about any kind of innovation or invention. Banks often run into this pitfall when they tie their identity to a town or county and try to expand into territory that belongs to another area in customers’ minds.

First, business/company name is set in stone. You have your idea, you have the type of business you want to go in, and then you name your business or your company. I found my business name here Security Company Names Ideas List – Brandlance.  Once you come up with that name, the name is permanent for the life of your company. So make it something spices that you know you can live with and enjoy hearing when someone says it.

travel names

Company names are creative and are great. As you drive around in your city or town, look at all the travel company names. You will see hundreds of them. Can you see your company name in a marquee like the rest of them?

Keep in mind that company names are permanent and I stress that because that is a fact in small business owning. You can change it but that is a whole new can of worms there. But make is special and make it work. You can do it.

Next, business/company logo can grow as your company grows. I mention it that way. Because as your ideas and your company grow, you can change the logo, now some logos are kept permanently because they work for that company. And that is okay for that to happen. So if you like your logo and it works for you. Don’t change it; keep it for the life of your company. Now, some logo will change as the company ages. This decision is up to you. If you feel that ūdens your logo needs to change as you grow your company, then change it. Make it work for your company. Once you find a logo that works then keep it and let it reflect your company pride and glory.

The company I run the logo have changed 3 times in the 10 years of my company. I did that because the growth of my company has changed. It did not had to happen but I thought it was a wise idea because I’m showing my clients of the change that my company has taken. The current logo will stay until the next level of my company takes place. As the boss, that is my decision.

So has you name your business/company and you look at the variety of logos. Think of what you are trying to say to your clients. See what will work for you and make sure you like the company name and your logo. Remember, that your company name is permanent but your logo can grow and change as your company grows and changes. This business is yours and you are the boss. So make it work for you.